It’s that time of year, where the cliché saying of a “New Year new me” is at the forefront of everyone’s mind to whether we like to admit it or not! We are all cutting down on those treats we over-indulged in over Christmas, joining or getting back to the gym and generally trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

So why not try and introduce a slice of your New Year’s motivation into your little one’s life this year, as we are all the first to admit that the kids were up late over the festive period, done none of their homework and certainly ate a selection box or three!!

Here are our four resolutions for your little one to try this year…..

Resolution 1 –  Stay in Bed All Night 

Letting little one’s fall asleep in your bed or cuddled up to you on the sofa is an easy habit to start, they love the comfort of your cuddles and there’s no better feeling as a parent of being needed by your child. But every parent needs their beauty sleep and make sure your little one gets into the routine of falling asleep in their own bed.

For babies and toddlers this might be more spraying his comforter or blanket with my favourite perfume – this trick makes our sleepy little one think your only inches away.

For bigger kids we recommend a glow in the dark alarm clock which will tell them when they’re allowed to come and wake you up!


Resolution 2 – Read more books 

We live in the age of the IPad, PlayStation 4 & Xbox, and there’s no doubt that these items are excellent at keeping kids entertained for hours whilst the parents can cook and clean, it is still vital for every child’s development for the to take a break from the shiny screen!

Reading books is arguably the best way to stimulate every child’s imagination and this should begin at an early age with bedtime stories – we have had much debate in the office as to the best one, but my favourite was Rumpelstiltskin! As your little one gets older reading for a minimum of 20 minutes not only improves their imagination but also subtlety helps with their vocabulary & spelling – something that can produce many tear at homework time!

Resolution 3 – Always eating at the table

If your little one gets away with watching CBBC or Netflix when eating their dinner, 2019 is the year to start eating together around the family table. Although it can be more convenient for working parents not to eat together in my experience and scientific studies have proven that children tend to eat healthier and have improved manners when they regularly sit down as a family to eat.

Resolution 4 – Saving Money

Whether its cash they got for Christmas, or their weekly pocket money it’s never too early to teach your little one’s the value of money by encouraging them to save up for an extra special treat rather than impulse buying sweets on the way home from school – imagine their sense of achievement if they could buy themselves the latest console game or new toy?