From ‘Our Family to Yours’

From “Our Family to Yours” ….

It’s fast approaching 6 years since I started my business, I know it’s a cliché, but how time has flown. It seems like yesterday I took the plunge and used my redundancy money to start-up Heavensent Baby Gifts and work for myself – doing something I really enjoy and feel passionate about.

How far we have come – I began making nappy cakes and crafting with a pop-up shop and it grew from there.  I loved working with people who had babies and children to buy for. It’s always a “happy experience” and it’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new baby, 1st birthday, Christening etc.

I needed to make a living and felt there was a niche available for me to make personalized, high quality gifts. After research, I decided to invest in industrial embroidery machines. The results were amazing and I was hooked .. .. We do have printing machines now as well, and these do their job for sure, but there’s something extra special about an embroidered gift.  O.K. its more effort, time consuming and expensive but the results are “extra special” – so worth it. We really believe that’s where we stand out, with many others in the industry preferring cheaper alternatives to embroidery.

I’m also a super proud Mum because we’ve expanded, we are now a “Family-run” business as my eldest Son Michael has joined me and we are running things together. I knew our on-line presence had to grow to remain competitive and truly believe our family orientated approach to the personalised baby gift world makes our products that extra bit special when they arrive with our customers little ones. Plus, added bonus, I get to concentrate on doing what I love most; designing and creating, oh .. .. and of course, buying lots of gorgeous goodies for you lovely people to enjoy.

We still have our shop on Affinity Outlet in Fleetwood, which lets people come along and see 1st hand what they are buying. Not everyone wants to buy a gift on-line.  The shop also stocks a great range of baby & toddler clothes, they sell so fast that we don’t put on the website, but maybe in the future!  We are also working hard to become specialists in Christening wear and gifts, so it’s always nice to have a browse before you buy.

We are excited for the future, we’ve lots of new ideas and expansion plans which we’ll share with you as we go. So, from “Our Family to Yours”, sending happiness and joy to you all….