Reasons to Choose a Personalised Gift This Christmas

Can you name a more stressful time of year than Christmas Shopping? Packed highstreets and online retailers offering this years ‘must have’ toy that will ultimately end up gathering dust on a shelf in your child’s room in a couple of months. If you want a truly unique gift that is guaranteed to be loved why not go for something personalised? Its still not too late!

Discover our top reasons for buying a unique personalised Christmas present….

1) One of a kind

With every store stocking a similar range of toys and gift sets there’s no wonder most kids end up receiving duplicate gifts from family & friends.

However, purchasing a personalised gift ensures that your Christmas present is truly unique as baby may receive a number of cuddly toys or clothing but very few that will have the special touch that personalisation gives you.

2) Treasure forever

Cubbie - personalised teddy bear

Our personalised gifts are designed to be unforgettable, whether it’s a festive outfit or decoration with their name on or their first toy personalised just for them – we believe every personalised gift should become a treasured keepsake.

Who doesn’t look back on their first toy and think of happy memories of their childhood? Now imagine that little bit of extra happiness seeing your name on the front of your favourite teddy bear!

3) Loved By All

Lets be honest, there’s just something different about gifting a newborn baby a present with their name on – the joy on a parents face when they see their child’s name across a new gift and not to mention the perfect photo opportunity!

Similarly, the excitement on the face of older children when they rip off the wrapping paper and see their own name is a magical moment!

With a huge selection of gifts available to be personalised from clothing to toys there really is something for every child big or small this Christmas!

4) It’s the thought that counts

baby christmas clothes

We all know the famous saying when it comes to gift buying ‘It’s the thought that counts’ and a personalised gift really does show how much thought you have put into buying a gift this year, you didn’t just pick the first fancy looking present off the shelf but took the time to search for a gift and get all their details just right!

Whether you’re gifting a new baby a blanket or Grandma a treasured photo album – personalised them for an added special touch?