Harry Pottermania at Heavensent Baby Gifts

Potter Potter Potter!! It may be over 5 years since the saga was on the big screen, but the mania surrounding J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and Gang still remains as strong as ever with kids and adults alike, after all I grew up reading and watching the books and films!

The good folks at Freeport Outlet Village (including ourselves) had a very special Harry Potter themed day on Saturday with a range of inspired activities and products from the series on offer, it’s shaping up to be a fun day for all the family.

To help make Potter Geek’s kids look their best, Heavensent have designed a range of products from bibs to blankets to satisfy your every need, coupled with some familiar phrases and some not so!

Due to their popularity we decided to share our designs with our readers and if you didn’t make it into the store this weekend, you can visit our recently relaunched website for all the below products and use the discount code blog20 for 20% off all purchases!



I Solemnly Swear That I am up to no Good

Who could forget Fred & George generously handing over the Marauder’s Map to Harry during the Prisoner of Azkaban? Allowing Harry to escape the castle and join Ron and Hermione in Hogsmeade after the Dursleys refused to sign his permission slip.

This scene provided us with one of the most infamous catchphrases from the franchise “I Solemnly Swear That I am up to no Good.” Now I am sure we can all relate this to your little one’s, so make sure that everyone else knows of their cheeky ways  – with this adorable designed print .. ideal for newborns to big kids (who never stop their mischief!)


 Snuggle This Muggle  

There are not many out there who cannot resist a little cuddle with their little one, yet the team at Heavensent have found another way to make them even more irresistible, our Snuggle this Muggle design, guaranteed to make your little one the cutest kid on the block.


 Already Enrolled at Hogwarts

As kids – who didn’t secretly wish to be a witch or wizard? and imagine what it would be like to board the train at platform 9 ¾ to go to Hogwarts and master defence against the dark arts? It certainly beats double maths on a cold Monday morning!

Therefore, we thought we would help keep the next generations dream of going to Hogwarts alive with our, ‘already enrolled at Hogwarts’ design!

Harry Potter vs Star Wars

For our final design, we appreciate that not all of you out there and in particular you Dad’s might be a Potter Geek, so we decided to include another popular franchise….. Star Wars!

Now surely between Mum and Dad there is a combination of both a Potter & Skywalker fan (if not both) so what perfect way to show your baby will grow up watching both films with this adorable design on either a bodysuit or t-shirt if your little one is growing up fast!